Become a Sponsor



Becoming a Sponsor is a great way to get your business in front of more people and with proven success for very little investment. Proven Success? YES! You will get customers coming to your business to use a Gift Certificate that you sponsor and that they win at one of our shows.  Let me ask you this…..have you paid for advertising that delivered this? Real Customers.  And how much did it cost you?

  • *Sponsored Prizes Increase Your Business with the direct use of a Gift Certificate from Potential New (and Future Repeat) Customers.
  • **Sponsor Advertising helps promote your brand, deals, and events.

*A Sponsored Prize is a prize given away during a Free Jackpot Bingo Show.

**Sponsor Advertising includes:

  1. Advertising During the Free Jackpot Bingo Show (via TV Screen Ad, and Mentions by the Game Announcer)
  2. A Free Professional Page Listing on Reviews in Wisconsin ( for one-year that includes Deals, Directions, Events, Information, Reviews, Videos, and more! Our Listings with Reviews rank very well with Google. (a $99 Value!)
  3. A ‘Spotlight’ article/business listing on Found in Wisconsin (Online Blog/Magazine –
  4. OPTIONAL: Run 1-2 deals (coupons or offers) for free Monthly on and/or
  5. SOCIAL PROMOTION: Your listing (deals, events, reviews) will be periodically shared on our social media pages (to over 10K) and our email subscribers (over 4K).
  6. Listing in the Sponsors Section of our website here at FreejackpotBingo,com
!!!Multiple/On-Going Prize Sponsors will also get promoted in upcoming future articles and voting for some of the top businesses/services in Wisconsin!!!