Gigs (jobs)

Looking for some extra cash?

We are looking for individuals that can be available (mainly in the evenings) to run FREE JACKPOT BINGO shows.

This is a GIG – meaning that it is a part-time work when you want kind of situation. We can be very flexible, but we do need dedicated people to be available when they sign up to be.

What is involved?

  • SETUP: You would be responsible to show up to the location (usually a bar or business) at least 15 minutes before start time to setup the game. This only involves a laptop, tv hook-up, mic and speaker, prizes, and bingo cards & dobbers.
  • RUN THE GAME: You would run the game (draw numbers on a laptop & talk through a microphone).
  • PRIZE AWARDING & VERIFICATION: You would be responsible to verify every potential winner and hand out prizes.


We offer $40 Cash/2 Hour Show ($20/Hour)

*This also usually includes free soda and/or water from the establishment.  (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!)

What to make even more? 

Help reel in a new customer…..and you can get a finders fee (one-time fee) of up to $40 ($20 if they signup and run 1 shows – $40 if they signup and run 2 shows)! If it is an establishment that you get, and plan to run each show, we will give you a $20 finders fee (one-time fee) and up your PPS (Pay Per Show) to $50/show for the life of that customer (as long as you run the show).